Grow Me Some Eyebrows!

By Faiyza Beg of October 16, 2016

Hi Love’s,

Many times I get comments and questions relating to eyebrows, comments such as I kept plucking my eyebrows and now they won’t regrow in that same area, or my lady kept waxing/threading them to the point of where they aren’t even there anymore!

My beauty advice has been to not wax/thread/pluck the area you want the hair to regrow in. Instead start treating it with castor oil and coconut oil. This is such an amazing beauty trick and it works I can testify for that!

Both castor and coconut oil help in regrowing hair- so be careful where you apply it!

Using a small bottle or mascara tube fill the first half with coconut oil and the second half with castor oil. Apply this mixture at night before going to bed using a mascara wand, you can even use a clean toothbrush (I prefer this it’s less messy).

A funny story to share, I once purchased a threading machine from Amazon I thought I could use it on my eyebrows. In using it on my eyebrows, I removed an entire chunk of my eyebrow the brow bone area!

I tried this beauty trick and it worked in regrowing my brow hair!

Try this beauty trick for at least a month to see results!

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