Eye Makeup: 5 Tips To Use it SAFELY

By Faiyza Beg of August 6, 2018

Eye Makeup SAFELY

Eye Makeup: 5 Ways To Use Eye Makeup SAFELY

Whether you love a bold statement look, or a subtle look with just an eyeliner, kohl and mascara, eye makeup is a great way to tie your entire look together!

While most of us don’t resort to heavy eye makeup for daily wear, there are still some precautions to bear in mind that can help protect your eyes.

For those of us who love to wear eye makeup daily, these safety measures can help us keep eye irritation and infection at bay.

Bacteria can accumulate on eye makeup easily. This can be due to using old eye makeup or not washing your makeup brushes regularly. When we use old makeup or unclean brushes, we allow bacteria direct access to our eyes. This can lead to eye infections and pink eye.

Here are some tips to safely use eye cosmetics:

Know When to Replace!

Using old makeup can increase your chances of getting an eye infection. Expired makeup doesn’t only get clumpy and dried out; it can even lead to dry and irritated skin around the eye area and cause reactions. Replace your eye cosmetics regularly. The average life of mascara is three months; for eye liners and eye shadows, it’s six to twelve months.

Keep Eye Cosmetics Cool

Keeping eye makeup in your car or a steamy bathroom can cause your eye cosmetics to spoil. Always store your eye cosmetics at room temperature, or at 85 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

Eye Cosmetics Should Only Belong On The Eye

Don’t get fooled by the label! A pencil that you use for your eyes should never be used on your lips and vice versa! If you must, keep two of the same product to use on your lips and eyes separately.

Don’t Put Eye Makeup On While Driving!

Well, aside from the dangers of inattentive driving, applying eye makeup while driving can seriously damage your eye.

Eye Makeup

Applying eye cosmetics where there may be a risk of sudden braking or jerks, such as on buses and the subway, can easily scratch the cornea and hurt your eye.

Keep Track of Hygiene

Our eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of our body and require some extra attention. Make sure to always wash your hands before applying eye makeup, as bacteria from the hands can come into contact with your eye and infect it.

Ensure that all your makeup brushes are cleaned after every application. Dirt and dust can easily accumulate on the brushes and get into your eye if used without properly washing them.

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