Since I was a little girl I always had a passion for fashion and beauty. This only grew stronger with the growing years.

I’ve always been attracted to colors, patterns, textures, and quality with a keen eye to fine details.

As a child, I use to sew my Barbie’s clothes with scraps of clothing and would spend quality time with my maternal grandmother in learning how to sew different patterns. I use to imagine doing their makeup and I was mesmerized.

I was unable to pull myself away from makeup, fashion, and arts. I was fascinated and attracted towards styling clothes with makeup looks. I joined MAC cosmetics and worked with industry leaders to pursue my passion for Arts and enhancing my artistry.

From Corporate world To Faiyza Beg professional Makeup Artist

As I grew older I joined the corporate world of IT, but I was never satisfied in the field as I was a creative person and yearning to pursue my true dreams. The creative person inside of me searched for an escape on a daily basis. I needed the creative outlet it was like a thirst that needed to be quenched.

After work hours I was advising and doing my friends, family, and clients makeup giving them advice way before I knew what blogging or YouTube was. A close friend of mine told me about blogging, Instagram, and YouTube. With the encouragement of close friends, clients, family, and passion coupled together it led me to launch my own blog and YouTube channel.

The passion grew stronger for fashion, as I was now looking extensively at new trends. Posting about it grew my love for it more and coupled together it led me to launch my own clothing line.

When I’m designing I am thinking of different makeup looks that can be applied, I believe this is what sets me apart. I’m designing with keeping an eye on different makeup looks and trends.

I wanted to create a line starting off with Sweatshirts and T-Shirts that would enhance a woman’s silhouette; one that can be worn both dressed up or down.

With my classy sense of style, attraction towards colors, fine fabrics, textures, and quality, I want to bring the same experience to you.

I want to utilize my brand and platforms to focus on helping the underprivileged and hunger stricken children all over the world. By donating a percentage of each purchase to UNICEF. Through fashion, drive, and purpose, I aim to do my part to aid a lending hand in this very important cause. I can only do this with your support, let’s do it together in style!