By Faiyza Beg of February 25, 2020

Hi My Beautiful Love’s! 

I know I’m SUPER late in posting here on my blog of my Vlog on Hum TV Awards! I was invited to be on the Red Carpet to interview Pakistani Celebrities in Houston, Tx! 

HUM Network is a MAJOR Pakistani TV Channel just like ABC is in the US. 

HUM organizes a few award events, honestly I compared the HUM TV Awards to like the Oscars- they do it on such a grand scale. I noticed they’ve started doing the Award ceremony outside of Pakistan- and I think it’s great! It brings SO much awareness to the Pakistani Industry! 

Since my platform is centered around all things beauty and fashion my questions were centered around beauty and fashion! Such as: what will they be wearing/what are they wearing?! What their makeup look will be like! 

The Vlog was covered in two parts there was the Grand Rehearsal and then the Main event!

Btw, I was SUPER proud of myself because this was the first time ever that I had covered an event like this- AND shot in this way- outside of my beauty studio! And I think I did a pretty good job! When I showed my Mom, she thought I had someone with me filming! 

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The Grand Rehearsal!

The Main Event!