Malal-e-Yar Review!

By Faiyza Beg of July 29, 2019

Asad Jabal a phenomenal Director a visionary for redefining how to tell a story, with enhancing the cinematography of dramas. 

Malal-e-Yar will air on Hum TV, Produced by Moomal Shunaid, a Moomal Entertainment drama and we all know Moomal Entertainment only produces top quality dramas!

He continues to deliver high quality dramas that have a lesson to be learned. From Parachayee, to Rab Waris, to now Malal-e-Yar! 

I started following Asad Jabal’s work from Parachayee as the drama had many deep lessons to be learned a widowed mother who remarries, a daughter who was hurt. At the end they both mended their stressed relationship. 

Malal-e-Yar- is based on a feudal drama, with an intense story line. The cinematography, of this drama is so modern, crisp, yet it still has our traditional touch to it! 

From the main actors this is a first to see Mirza Baig (known as Balaj in the drama) in a different type of character, a dark role,  and he nailed it! 

I love how Maal-le Yaar also has a bold girl, Azekah Daniel known as Hooriya in the drama. This role teaches us many things; be bold, don’t stay silent, stand up for your right!

Of course I have to add my beauty and fashion review of this drama! I love the way the makeup was done, mostly natural with soft hues of color! The styling in this drama looks amazing the way the clothes are layered with shawls or gotta ka dupatta, and the jewelry, big jhumka are back in style! 

My favorite teaser thus far has been the latest OST!  Click here to watch it!

Make sure you mark your calendars as this drama premieres in October on HumTV! 



Malal-e-Yar Cast and Crew
Malal-e-Yar Main Lead Actress Azekah Daniel
Malal-e-Yar Actress Maryam Noor
Malal-e-Yar Actress Zainab Shabbir